You can’t help notice that energy prices are increasing on an almost weekly basis. That’s where a building energy management system (BEMS) comes in. Made to work from everything from a PC to smart phone you can control the heating and cooling of a room in a family home to an entire multi site multi national business.

The BEMS will keep track of energy usage and costs. Providing real time readings of what you or you employees are using and when.

With the software’s graphical heating diary you can plan ahead for holidays, weekends or company shutdowns.

Customise the BEMS to alert you when heating/cooling systems are changed. For example when one of your employee has left the heating on overnight, or the air con has been left in an empty hotel room. Or if you’ve gone away for the weekend and left the heating on.

All of this and more sat in front of your PC or on the move via Smart Phone, Laptop or Tablet.

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